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What Should Parents Do To Teach Their Kids Bravery? (Part 1)

What Should Parents Do To Teach Their Kids Bravery? (Part 1)

It is already night. Once the sun sets, you know your child will begin that “episode.” These are episodes of constant clinginess because of their fear of the dark. When will he or she get over this phase?

Bravery is a concept that cannot be taught with just one session. This is a value worth teaching our kids as early as possible. There are effective ways on how to do this and there are also less effective ones.

Here are just a few of those efficient ways to teach your child how to be brave:

  • Do not dampen their spirits when they are wrong

    Nobody is perfect in this world. There are bound to be times when we fail at the most inconvenient times and everybody is grinning at the error we made. Just picture out what you will feel when people made fun of you because of a silly and honest mistake.

    Show them that it is okay to fail, look dumb and get hurt. But do not just leave them while they are at their most vulnerable times. Tell them that once they have experienced these moments, they have to pick themselves up. Help them find their self-confidence.

  • Let them have a safe space to be afraid

    Nobody can be brave unless they have accepted fear. Bravery and fear are two faces of the same coin. One does not become courageous without feeling frightened.

    It is okay to be afraid. In fact, it is a healthy feeling as long as it does not engulf the person that much. Feeling frightened is our defense mechanism. But feeling the fear all the time is too much. Once our child feels afraid, let them come to you for comfort.

  • Give them the support they need

    When our children come to us because they have just fled from something they are afraid of, do not get angry at them. Be there to support and encourage them. When the right time comes, they will be able to stand on their two feet and face the music like a boss.

    So what will you be then when that time comes? You will become the voice in their head once they are facing an eminent danger in the future. This voice will enable them to be the resilient tree that stands strong and tall amidst the hurricane, tornado, and other natural calamities that attempt to uproot them.

As an early childhood education in Miami Beach FL, Kinderland 4 Kids wants all kids to be brave at dealing with their problems. We need bravery to be encouraged. It is our job to make sure our kids showcase this trait in order to be healthy individuals.

Visit for more ways on how to bring out the finest versions of your kids. Join us in our quest to provide the finest early childhood education. Make a difference in the life of your little learner.

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