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How Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Program Can Help your Child Prepare for School


Your kids are excited for school! That is absolutely true. The moment your child learns how to hold the pencil and knows what to do when they pair it with a paper, you would be surprised with what he/she can do with it. Sometimes, when you give your children a coloring book and crayons, despite all the scribbles, they still manage to color some pictures right. At four years old, kids are already very eager to learn. Who are we to stop them?

Because we see this need for pre-kindergarten learning, Kinderland 4 Kids, the ultimate provider of Early Childhood Education in Florida City FL, we have a voluntary pre-kindergarten program that offers a variety of learning activities for your child. We value their interest in learning and so we give them a high-quality program that will hone their skills.

  • What is a Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Program or VPK?

    It is a jump-start program the offers introductory lessons in math, writing, reading and art skills to children. We do not really pressure them to reach a certain level of mastery in these skills but what we aim is that they will have a good background in the basic skills.

    VPK is a good training ground for kids as we offer a good and competent curriculum convenient to kids and we also have a proportional ratio of teachers and students per classroom. Parents can really be sure that their kids will be given the attention they need.

  • What are the things that you should expect in VPK?

    Your kids will be exposed to different activities that will surely help develop their skills in different areas. Some of these include:

    • handwriting exercises
    • coloring book activities
    • arts and crafts
    • learning about numbers
    • reading and storytelling
    • identifying the different shapes
    • games for cognitive development
  • Is VPK necessary before entering kindergarten?

    Having undergone VPK learning program is not a prerequisite to kindergarten. This is a voluntary learning program to kids who would want to start early in their schooling.

For more information about Voluntary Pre-kindergarten program, consult us at Kinderland 4 Kids, a trusted early childhood education in Florida City FL. You can contact us at 786-243-2556 or visit

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