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What to do when your child hesitates to go to school

What to do when your child hesitates to go to school

One of the possible dilemmas a parent has to face is when the child makes up excuses or cries aloud when it is about time to go to school. This may be very frustrating, not only for the parent but also for the teachers in school. There are a few ways for you to motivate your child to go to school. Here are some helpful tips for you to get by:

  • Check for physical signs.

    You should validate if the “stomach ache” or “headache” your child has been complaining about is really true. If it is, then have him/her rest or get checked by a physician. If he/she told a lie, then don’t reprimand him/her right there and then. You can actually give in to his/her demand, but you can still let him/her learn at home. Make a mini classroom at home, complete with the blackboard, school supplies, ABC and other educational charts to simulate a learning environment. You cannot really force children who are not ready to go to school yet as their mentality, personality and body are still developing.

  • Talk to your child.

    Ask your child why he/she doesn’t want to go to school or demands to stop going to school. Chances are, he/she may be facing emotional challenges his/her age cannot handle yet. He/she may be homesick or even bullied by fellow classmates or the teacher. Being open with your child without setting up a heated debate is important. Children will not learn or grow if you keep on reprimanding them. It will only make things worse.

  • Use incentive systems or games.

    You can offer to give your child that toy he/she has been dreaming of for as long as he/she goes to school. Or you can give him/her a bag of candies or little gifts right after school. He/she can watch episodes of the favourite cartoon show he/she likes the most if he/she promises to continue going to school. You can even dare your child to think of going to school as a game. If he/she refuses to go to school, he/she loses. This will make your child challenged. You can also set up new house rules like keeping the TV off or hiding the toys away during the child’s school hours. Do not make your house as a more preferred environment for the child, as this will add to the reasons why your child doesn’t like going to school.

  • Gather support.

    You can ask the teacher to talk to the child about going to school. You can even ask the help of the child’s favorite aunt, uncle or cousin. If his/her grandparents are still alive, they can also help in motivating the child to go to school.

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