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Tips in Fighting-Off Negative Influences in School

Tips in Fighting-Off Negative Influences in School

The school is the perfect place for children to learn and absorb things that are intentionally or unintentionally introduced to them. As much as it is a great place for them to acquire academic knowledge and good values, it can also be a place where they are most exposed to negative influences.

If you are a parent with a child in school, you may have noticed your child coming home with undesirable new ways like throwing a fist, spanking, or even speaking back. For sure, teachers wouldn’t have taught those. Thus, you can only suppose that they could have learned them from someone or somewhere else.

This is why it is very important for parents to provide children with as much supervision as possible so that you could nip in the bud any acquired misbehavior that children can easily catch in their outside environment-especially the school.

  • Be present and engaged as much as you can be as a parent.

    Your presence will matter greatly in making sure that your children are guided well as they are growing up. Even when they are at school, be as present as possible so you would know the kind of people that are surrounding them. Of course, you cannot take them out right then and there if you see that somebody – a seemingly innocent classmate probably – is modeling a bad behavior. But at least you would know whenever there is a need to debrief them once at home.

  • Observe your child’s behavior at home.

    If you can’t be there all the time to supervise them at school, then you should be doubly observant of their ways at home. If you notice any new behavior being displayed, something that they shouldn’t be learning or doing in the first place, then you can talk to them about not following it, disciplining them immediately.

  • Try to understand the source of his behavior.

    Once your child starts behaving mischievously, make sure to understand the source of it. You can only deal with a problem of which source and nature you know well. So if you strongly feel that your child is learning negative ways through peers in school, then deal with it properly right from its source.

  • Talk to teachers about your concern.

    Let your child’s teacher know about your concern. This way the teacher can better monitor the children’s activities while under her watch and can also instill better discipline in the classroom. Teachers can also notify the parents of misbehaving kids so they can also do disciplining on their own children.

  • Never tolerate bad behavior.

    Most importantly, regardless of reason or circumstance, never tolerate bad behavior in your child. When they are rooted in the fundamental knowledge of what is good and right, they can better filter what they see and hear and can choose to follow only those things which are right, proper, and praiseworthy.

Parents have a very critical role in molding their children’s character. Especially when children start being exposed to other people in the outside world, parents should now be both proactive and reactive in their role. Even at school, where children are supposed to learn only the good stuff, we can never completely avoid the bad ones. So parents should never ignore this responsibility of supervising and disciplining their children, relying solely on teachers to regulate them.

Here in Kinderland 4 Kids, we understand children and their behaviors. That is why we strive to not only focus on academic subjects but also on teaching proper values and instilling good character so that they can have the right guidance from our teachers, their second parents. We would like to partner with you in raising good and righteous citizens. So we invite you to take a campus tour soon so you will get to see the kind of environment that we have to offer for your child, and the kind of crowd he will be exposed to. With the quality of early childhood education in Florida City FL that we offer, we have molded good students with us so you can have better confidence that your child will be exposed to a more positive environment fostering good values and promoting exemplary behavior.


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