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Childhood Education Programs in Florida City FL

We’re glad to have your child in one of our classes or joining our activities at Kinderland 4 Kids.

Here are just a few of the many programs and activities we feature for Early Childhood Education in Florida City FL:

two little boys playing toysToddler Care
Toddlers have a great time in our playgroup. Together with peers, they enjoy activities like Finger Plays, Learning Simple Words, Quiet Time / Nap Time, Outdoor Play, Indoor Games, Singing Lessons and Dramatic Play.

a girl reading bookPre-Kindergarten
Our pre-kindergarteners are gathered in a colorful classroom where educators will facilitate a fun and exciting program filled with developmentally-appropriate activities such as Handwriting exercises, Recognizing Different Shapes and Colors, Seasons of the Year, Weather and Environment, Counting Exercises and Magical Story Time.

teacher teaching a girl how to readVPK
Kinderland 4 Kids has a VPK or Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program where children become better prepared for school age learning through Early Childhood Education in Florida City FL. This program aims to promote higher literacy training models in small class sizes where qualified teachers facilitate early childhood learning preparatory activities. Learn more ›

children playing ballsKindergarten
For Kindergarteners, Kinderland 4 Kids offers a program that includes hours upon hours of fun and learning for our little explorers. Our activities are designed to help children develop better language and literacy skills, courteousness, good manners and respect.

a teacher and a student doing high-fiveFirst Grade
As children enter the School Age curricula for Early Childhood Education in Florida City FL, it is important that such moments are facilitated carefully – this is their first step in developing the skills that will help them cope in the succeeding years of standardized education. With that, our educators take extra care in instilling the “love-for-lifelong-learning” habit in our first grade students.

a teacher with students in a classroomDrop in
We offer full-time and part-time care for the Drop-In program at Kinderland 4 Kids. This is most ideal for parents who may be called in for work in an emergency or for those with shifting work schedules that don’t coincide with the usual dismissal hours of their kids at school.

With our promise to provide the best Early Childhood Education in Florida City FL, the Kinderland 4 Kids Afterschool program is where children can enjoy enrichment activities that supplement day-time classroom learning. We have enrichment activities in music, creative writing, drama and sports.

children with bagsSummer Camp
Don’t let your kids stay indoors all summer long! Enroll them at Kinderland 4 Kids. We have so many fun and exciting experiences where your children can socialize with peers in wholesome and age-appropriate activities.

little girl making an action with her handsDance
There is so much fulfillment that comes with the art of dance which we integrate in Early Childhood Education in Florida City FL. If your child has the heart of a dancer, we will help develop his or her motor skills, coordination and gracefulness. Visit any of our two locations and ask about the dance program for children at Kinderland 4 Kids.

kids wearing karate uniformKarate
At Kinderland 4 Kids, we believe that when children learn the value of self-defense in martial arts, they are also better aware of violence and its effect in families and the community in general. Kids in our Karate class benefit from the program where they progressively advance from one karate belt color to another; all they while they gain an appreciation for sportsmanship, healthy competition and self-defense.

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