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Early Head Start

Head Start provides services to its participants in the these areas:

Education and Early Childhood Development
Education involves providing a learning environment, which helps children, develop socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally in a manner appropriate to their age and state of development. An individualized approach is taken towards assessing a child’s needs. The parent is encouraged to be an integral part of the child’s development and learning process.
Health, Nutrition and Mental Health
A comprehensive health program is provided to promote preventive health services and early intervention. The child’s family is provided with the necessary skills and insight to link the family to an on-going health care system to insure continued comprehensive health care. Head Start / Early Head Start health services include: medical, dental, and developmental screening, exams and follow-up, nutritional services, mental health services, and health education.
Disability Services
Disabled children and families receive the full range of services received by all Head Start/Early Head Start participants. Children suspected of having a disabling condition and/or children with a disability are provided services to include outreach recruitment / enrollment, screening for possible intervention, development and implementation of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and transition into Head Start and later into their local school district.
Family Support Services
Social Services involves recruitment and enrollment of children, serving as an advocate for Head Start families, and assisting families in becoming aware of community resources to improve the condition and quality of family life. Services are also available to assist families in their own efforts to become self-sufficient.
Parent Involvement
Parents are an essential part of the Head Start / Early Head Start program since they are active participants in classroom and parent group activities, in their child’s growth, and in the program planning and decision-making process. They serve on parent committees and may represent their center on the Head Start Policy Council.

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