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How To Help Your Child Adjust for Preschool

Adjustments are tough for toddlers. Adjusting to daycare or preschool can be especially tough for a child who’s never before spent a significant amount of time away from home. Understanding your child’s needs for extra support while getting into the … Continue reading

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Assessing Your Current Child Care

You’ve found the baby-sitter or the daycare center of your dreams – or at least, one you’re fairly sure you won’t have nightmares about. Can you relax? Of course not; a parent’s work is never done. Periodic evaluations of a … Continue reading

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A Checklist: Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Parenthood IS hard, but do you know what else is harder? It is sending your child off to school. It may be like a weight lifted on your shoulders but is it really? Parting with your child is not that … Continue reading

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Skills your Little One Needs in Order to Prepare for Kindergarten

What are the best things we can get from school? Is it knowledge? No, that is not the answer. How about friends? Sadly, that answer is not the one we are looking for. For us, the best things everyone can … Continue reading

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